Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine powder can I take a day?

Do not consume more more than 600mg a day. If you're unsure or feeling ill, please consult your doctor.

Can you overdose on caffeine powder?

You can overdose on various products if you abuse them. Do not use more than 200mg per single serving or more than 600mg in a twenty four hour period.

Can you use caffeine powder if I'm pregnant?

New research is showing that caffeine could be harmful to your pregnancy, so please consult with your doctor before use.

Is this caffeine genuine, and 100% Natural and pure?

Yes, the Caffeine powder you can purchase on this website is genuinely 100% natural and pure. This material is manufacturer in North American from Green Coffee Beans. Most other materials available online come from China and India and are synthetically made.

Where does caffeine powder come from?

The naturally pure Caffeine Powder (anhydrous) that we sell is extracted from the high quality Green Coffee Beans. It goes through many manufacturing procedures before it is finally the 100% natural pure white powder pharmaceutical grade quality. The procedures include Steaming, Hydration, Extraction and Drying.

How long will shipping take?

Please, allow 8-13 days for your order to arrive. If you purchase more than 1 kilo of natural caffeine powder, you will be able to follow the order online.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to the entire United States and Canada. A standard shipping charge applies to all territories. If you wish to ship to an international address please contact us at